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Psychiatric Drugs Caution

Psychiatric Drugs Caution

You should have a complete medical examination before taking any psychiatric drug.

You should have a periodical medical exam while taking psychiatric drugs, because each drug has the potential of damaging certain parts of your body.

Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous if you use alcohol.

If you have any other medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), psychiatric drugs are more dangerous.

When combined with other prescription drugs or street drugs, psychiatric drugs can be very dangerous or even lethal.

Everyone reacts differently to various drugs and dosages.

Don’t use more than the prescribed dose.

If you forget a dose, just skip it. Don’t take a double dose.

Keep all drugs out of children’s reach.

Throw out all drugs which have passed their expiration date.

Psychiatric drugs often cause tiredness, drowsiness, and reduced concentration. Avoid driving, operating machinery, etc.

Psychiatric drugs may affect your sleep, cause nightmares, and so on — this is more likely when they are taken at night.

Psychiatric drugs commonly affect sexuality. Common side effects are reduced sexual interest, inability to have orgasms, etc.

Psychiatric drugs can upset the menstrual cycle.

Pregnant women should avoid psychiatric drugs.

The elderly are at more risk of suffering brain damage from psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric drugs can sometimes cause the opposite effect from what they are supposed to. People can become confused or agitated or freak out from using psychiatric drugs, which is often seen as another sign of mental illness. Stop taking the drugs or at least reduce your intake if you suffer such effects.

“Depression” — lethargy, apathy, hopelessness — is often caused by psychiatric drugs. Suicidal feelings can also result from debilitating effects of psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric drugs can directly cause death.

Take psychiatric drugs as prescribed. If you stop and start taking them, you will experience withdrawal symptoms every time.
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